Hello, my name is Tim.

I am a 58 year old Army Veteran Clinical Specialist 91 Charlie. I have worked hard all my life and had to fight to overcome my upbringing in a really dysfunctional family. Life happens and I found myself homeless many years ago.

Being street homeless isn’t like being on maneuver in the Army.

Nobody has your back when you are homeless.

And the training we get don’t always convert to the streets.

I got housed after landing a job at a factory and was happy to have that part of my life behind me. However, in Sept 2018 the doctor discovered that I had a neurological disorder that was preventing me from standing for long periods. I was put on medical leave. Cigna would not give me short term disability because the doctor would not give me a return to work date because he wasn’t sure exactly what was going on with me. He still isn’t.

I went through my savings and was on the verge of losing everything. Then my brother killed himself when his ALS progressed. I knew I was on the verge of being on the street again.

But this time I was sick.

I had made the decision I wasn’t going to be in this world if that was what I had to do. And in stepped Mary T Klinker Vet Center. They helped pay my rent, keeping a roof over my head. But like the old adage, “Give a man a fish he eats for a day; teach a man to fish he eats for life”, the Mary T Klinker people not only helped with my emergency needs, they helped me obtain a job that I could do with my disease. They even helped make my car payment until I got paid so I could keep working. Now I am a productive member of society again and I know where I will lay my head each night I come home from work.

I am grateful for my new bosses at Perry Foam for understanding that I am sick but I want to work. I feel safe there. I don’t know what my disease is yet and I will continue testing until they figure it out.

I don’t need financial help anymore and I am grateful for that but Mary T Klinker continues to provide me support by checking on me and encouraging me. Soon I will be ahead again. And I intend on giving back to the organization so they can help other Veterans like me.

I hope that anyone reading this will consider doing the same. They only run on donations, but they do very important work.

Thank you and God Bless.

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