Cory S. Houston

The hardest thing that I have ever had to do in life is ask for help. It is something that I have never had to do before.

I went to the Mary T. Klinker foundation looking for a little financial help, what I got is so much more.

During the most trying time in my life Christina Howard stood by me and helped me above and beyond what I ever could have asked for. Without the assistance of the Mary T. Klinker Foundation I would be homeless and probably in jail or even possibly dead.

I was set on a path of self-destruction, and without the intervention and counseling, the care, the friendship that Christina Howard with the Mary T. Klinker Foundation gave me, self-destruction is what would have happened.

The Mary T. Klinkler and Christina Howard first got me the aide that I desperately needed. Second, they got me the Counseling that saved my life. Mary T. Klinker Foundation worked harder than I have ever seen someone work for a stranger to get me residential treatment in one of the best facilities in the country.

I went into the Mary T. Klinker foundation a stranger and found a true foundation to help me start a new life. I now have hope where before there was none.

I owe my new life, my new beginning, to the Mary T. Klinker foundation.

Christina Howard literally saved my life and gave me hope again. I can never repay or thank her enough.

For Veterans who have fallen on hard times and need the help that I needed, this foundation needs to be there. Please help Mary T. Klinker Foundation in any way that you can. Without it helping our vets, there is no saying how they might end up.

All I can really say is a simple “Thank You”, because there are no words to describe my gratitude toward the Mary T. Klinker Foundation and Christina Howard.

Thank You!

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